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Report Samples Download Page

Click any of the following Report Writers to download a full-length report in .rtf file format. This file can then be opened, viewed, or printed in your own word processor.
Note: These sample reports do not have the personalized Headers and Footers that you will receive with an emailed report.

Report Download Sample File:
Astro*Carto*Graphy® Explained Report for Bruce Willis (461k)
Astro*Talk Advanced Birth Report Report for Geraldine Chaplin (710k)
BioWriter Biorhythms Report Report for Henry Kissinger (2.3 mb)
Child*Star Childrens Birth Report Report for Carrie Fisher (802k)
Friends & Lovers Compatibility Report Report for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (617k)
Heaven Knows What Report for Michael Caine (1.3mb)
Just for Women Report Report for Marilyn Monroe (783k)
Opportunities Report Report for John D. Rockefeller (1.1mb)
Relating Potential Report for Oprah Winfrey (663k)
Simpáticos Report for Humphrey Bogart / Lauren Bacall (898k)
Sky Within Report Report for Gene Wilder (713k)
SkyLog Transit & Forecast Report Report for Harrison Ford (797k)
Solar Returns Predictions Report for Faye Dunaway (767k)
TimeLine Forecast Report Report for Michael Caine (794k)

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