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Feb 01
A tendency to rush around getting nothing done. Time to work on a fresh attitude and let bygones be bygones. You are going to feel a lot of pressure to do something. Get physical. Take a walk or enjoy some strenuous work or exercise.  

Feb 06
All kinds of energy available to you, but no new avenues for expressing it. You've been here before. Take it slow and be careful. You may feel a little hemmed-in. Either get some good exercise or use the energy to make slow headway.

Feb 07
Workaholic? It's O.K. just now, as this is not a social time for you anyway. You have the drive and concentration to see any projects thru to their conclusion. You won't be easily distracted during this time, so go get that job done.

Feb 12
An unsettling time perhaps as you put behind you a carefree time and begin to come down into your more everyday reality. You're very clearheaded & you should be able to put everything in its right place. Intellectual pursuits will prosper now.

Feb 14
Low energy means take it slow, but do use your mind. You are in a rare mood to study and learn something. You've a perfect approach to taking in a new subject. This could also present itself as a very productive (keep it low-key) social time.

Feb 18
Don't overdue because you tire easily these days. However, you are in rare social form... bright-eyed and bushytailed. The artistic and creative side of you could be very productive now provided you keep to a small scale and don't over-exert.

Feb 21
Your approach to problems is "Right On!" just now and you're sharp too. Making creative decisions and finding new solutions will be easy for you over the next few days. Stick to mental or social activities on a small scale. Don't push.

Feb 23
A quiet evening at home or with a loved one will do the job. Easy does it. No study, no pushing on with the job. Every back has a front so give yourself a break and let your hair down for a moment. Time to dip into the inner well.

Feb 24
You can really enjoy the next few days provided you can tear yourself away from any schedule. Bookwork is out. You will feel like cashing in some of your life enjoyment chips including all of the fringe benefits you can muster. It feels good.  

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