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Sample Text from an Child*Star Report:

Below is some text from a Child*Star report created for a young Aquarian (with Aquarius rising). This text deals with the placement of Jupiter in the chart:
Jupiter in Leo
Your child has Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in Leo, sign of dramatic self-expression. This doesn't necessarily mean that she will one day be on stage but she probably seeks opportunities (and jobs) that let her show off her special talents. Similarly, your child may love parades, pageants and religious ceremonies. In teaching her religion, you might want to employ flannel boards, costumes and colorful illustrations. Inspiring others comes naturally to her, so she could do her best learning in teaching younger children. Bubbly and expressive (especially if personal planets are in fire signs as well), she takes pride in her accomplishments and looks to you for recognition of her works! Nevertheless, with Jupiter in the sign of the regal lion, she could roar or put on airs if she feels unnoticed! She could be arrogant and self-centered as well. Teach her the adage that she who would be great must also be able to serve! This placement could point to a career working with children, in entertainment, and lends itself toward leadership roles. While your child likes to take the lead, help her find later success by stressing the importance of cooperation with others, and teamwork.

Moon Trine Jupiter
Children born with this positive Moon/Jupiter aspect are basically optimistic by nature, affectionate and fun to be around. Your child may have a knack for finding assistance, and things just tend to work out well for her. In fact, her ability to rally support makes a public career of one kind or another quite probable. Success is indicated in education, politics, or the law. She knows how to attack and solve problems, whether personal or public. Chances are, your child has grace and social skills, and an ability to interact with many kinds of people. She may show a love for travel and foreign lands.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter
Beautiful dreamer, her mind may be light years away! The fact is that your child may spend a lot of time on thoughts that are far removed from the here and now! Many of these thoughts and ideas could prove to be impractical, and perhaps be more trouble than they are worth. You may discover that she is better off seeking advice than giving it, at least when it comes to practical matters! Your needs good study habits while growing up at home and at school. She needs to finish what she begins, and not promise more than she can deliver. With structure and established routines at home, you can help her turn her dreams into reality.

Here is some text dealing with the Eighth House in this same chart. (Each house/sign relationship is covered in the chapter: "Your Child's Planets in the Houses.")

8th House [Eighth House: Pain, Sharing, Attitudes toward Sex]

The 8th house is traditionally the house of death and regeneration. This is the house of surgery: where something must be removed so something else can thrive. This, this house also covers initiation: getting rid of excess parts of ourselves that we no longer need so we can get to the heart and deeper meaning of life. The no-nonsense quality of the eighth house makes it good for business ventures since here we are stripping away the dross to reveal the truth or essence of the subject. But what meaning does the 8th house hold for the child? Any planets in the 8th house will give a Scorpio, hence deeply subjective, coloring to the chart. The key phrase here is "We Have:" for the adult, the 8th house relates to shared money, property, resources. It all begins during childhood. How does your child approach sharing her things with others, in carrying out joint responsibilities. Also, how does the child deal with pain, crises, even the death of significant others? This is the house of sex, and moreover, the house of desire. Planets in the 8th house and the sign on the cusp shed light on the child's ability to attract things to herself through desire, and to let go when necessary or right.


Libra energy is always facilitating and responsive, assuming the appropriate reaction or response to any question or statement. This is certainly the social sign, par excellence. The affairs of the house with Libra on the cusp indicate where your child may enjoy working with a close pal; this may also be where she must learn lessons in cooperation. Libra can tie in the theme of beauty and diplomacy into the affairs of the house whose cusp it is on.

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