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Friends & Lovers Compatibility Report

Sample Text from an Friends & Lovers for Bill & Hillary Clinton:

The best way to get a feel for this report is by looking at some actual text. Here are some excerpts from a Friends & Lovers report created for Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here are a couple of paragraphs from an introductory portion of the report addressing how the first person (Bill Clinton) approaches relationships in general. This is based upon the planets in his 7th house:


How You Approach Relationships

Aries on the 7th Cusp
You're a real smoothie, refined and ever so facile when it comes to handling other people -- a diplomat. And yet -- despite all of this apparent calm -- you like your partners anything but cool. You can't resist impulsive and action-oriented people -- the more daring, the better. You bring out the recklessness in those you love, and you love it. Although at first meeting one might never suspect this, you love to walk on the wild side.

MARS: Ruler of the 7th
Relationships tend to be hot and heavy. You are drawn to partners who are aggressive, assertive, and very emotional. Independence and adventure are things you value in others. You tend to depend on your partners to get you motivated and keep you moving. You need someone who is stimulating emotionally.

The favorable, "soft" aspects in the chart determine the next section of the report that describes the relationship strengths found in the first person's chart. Here are some of these aspects as they appear Clinton's:

Strengths in your relationships (Bill Clinton)

Mars Conjunct Neptune(orb 00 30')
You are, from time to time, really inspired to the point of moving others with your enthusiasms. You exercise an almost hypnotic quality over those who listen in when your imagination takes over. Dreams, psychology, and all things occult and metaphysical are your especial province. You're never afraid to take the plunge when matters of idealism or imagination come to the fore. You feel and experience the unity of life -- that we are all in some way, one. Others sense this about you.

Venus Sextile Pluto(orb 00 44')
A passionate one. You love it when a crisis emerges and threatens to shatter the normal routine, because you yearn for a chance to undergo really profound changes. You're like the survivalists who wish the world would stop pretending and get down to the nitty-gritty. Fiercely loyal, you would rather see a relationship through hell and high water than abandon it. You delight in emotional confrontation, intense conversations, and secrets of all kinds.

The "hard" aspects -- oppositions and squares and semi-squares -- determine the next portion of the report, titled Challenges in Your Relationships:

Challenges in Your Relationships (Bill Clinton)

Sun Square Moon(orb 05 42')
You are torn between the impulse to stand on your own feet, and a need to be cared for and nurtured. Your independent streak may be ashamed of the need on your part for love and affection. It's a no win situation. This could also be reinforced by a mother and father who may have worked at cross purposes. The resulting tension will have to be dealt with gradually and methodically.

Sun Semi-Square(orb 00 07')
You may have trouble giving yourself credit and appreciating yourself for who you really are. You can be torn between grand ideas of some ideal love for all beings in a very abstract sense as opposed to loving real people on a day-to-day level, as they actually are. Others may accuse you of being selfish, or ungrateful -- of not giving credit where credit is due.

Next is a section describing the general relationship with Person #2 (Hillary Clinton). This is derived from the placement of Hillary's planets in the houses of her husband's chat.

Your relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton

Her Sun in Your 1st
Your meeting Hillary was exciting and action oriented. In many ways, you are two of a kind. Chances are that you identified with her at once. After all, she is very much like yourself -- like looking in a mirror. Just the person to draw you out of yourself and get you doing things. She may have brought a sense of adventure and risk into your life. You found yourself doing things with her, daring to live, and making a statement. You found yourself really coming across with her, being all that you can be. As corny as this sounds, the world has really been more responsive to you since you met Hillary.

Her Moon in Your 6th
The two of you may end up working with the public on some health or service-related project. That may even be how you met. Hillary personifies, and brings to your attention, concerns that you have known about for a long time but perhaps never acted upon. Things like diet, smoking, exercise, preventative medicine --anything that exemplifies a caring attitude. She is very supportive, and when you are with her it seems that all these endless details are easy and even fun to care for.

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