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Heaven Knows What Report

Sample Text from a Heaven Knows What Report:

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of a Heaven Knows What report, created from Michael Caine's birth data. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Grant Lewi. Here are some excerpts:

Your horoscope of birth is the blueprint of your personality and character as indicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets on the date of your birth. This section is devoted to each of these members of the solar system.

The planets are the antennae and arms of the horoscope, of which the body and soul are the Sun and Moon. No planet will ever cause you to act counter to the testimony of the Sun and Moon in their combined influence on you. Remember this when you proceed with the following readings. All planetary vibration must be considered in light of the basic solar-lunar readings, for these are your character, your basic nature, which the planets will help or hinder but cannot materially change...

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra
Your aesthetic qualities are strongly marked; you strive for self-expression through the arts or through religion or philosophy. Whatever you go in for, you have a sort of consecrated and devotional attitude toward it. You are strongly sensuous, and you give whatever you touch a romantic and idealistic glamour. Appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect is your aim or should be your aim. Intellectually, you are capable of taking a fine education, but you are fundamentally not an intellectual but an intuitive type. You can drown your gifts in a sea of facts, and verbiage if you go in for too technical matters. Your control can be over the hearts, rather than over the minds, of men and when your intellect is working under the spell of inspiration you can produce marvels that strike to the roots of humanity with a strange eerie quality. You should not go in for spiritualism, mediumship, or mysticism of any sort, for this can gain a great hold on you; but you should develop an automatic quality to what you say, do, write, or speak, for your best self comes out when you are completely off guard. You have a deep and active subconscious, and to bring about the fluent expression of it, unhindered by the world and even by intellectual considerations, should be your aim. You are capable of falling into bad emotional muddles through a sort of irritating consciousness that you aren't working as a unit and of trying to rationalize yourself out of them. As a matter of fact, rationalization is one of your worst enemies. You can believe anything which it suits your emotional purposes to believe and, under stress of disappointment, frustration, or slow progress, can further impede your getting ahead by thinking too much, analyzing too much, and acting too little on impulse ...

Sun Trine Pluto         Orb: 02°03'
Your desire to live life to the fullest helps you to learn easily and to make any changes necessary to achieve your ends, which are likely to bring advancement both to you and those around you. Your magnetism helps to attract the people and circumstances that you need to succeed, building your self-confidence and ensuring that you will make a personal mark on everything you touch or do. Your desire is to make an impression through your profession, which should benefit from your strong leadership abilities. You can become a bridge-builder, unifying others in an effort to make substantial changes in their environment...

Mercury is the sense-impression antennae of your horoscope. His position by sign indicates your reactions to sights, sounds, odors, tastes and touch impressions, affording a key to the attitude you have toward the physical world around you. Mercury is the messenger through which your physical body and brain (the Sun) and your inner nature (the Moon) are kept in contact with the outer world, which will appear to you according to the index of Mercury's position by sign in the horoscope...

Jupiter is the feeler you have out in the world for opportunity. Through it the chances of a lifetime are passed along for consideration according to the basic nature of Sun and Moon. Jupiter's sign position indicates the places in which you will look for opportunity, the uses to which you wish to put it, and the capacity you have to react to and profit by it. Jupiter is ordinarily, and erroneously, called the Planet of Luck. It is "luck" in so far as it is the index of opportunity; but your luck depends less on what comes to you (Jupiter) than on what you do with it (the total personality). Opportunity appeals to you along lines laid down by your Jupiter. Jupiter is in the same sign with Mars, you follow opportunity with energy, dash, enthusiasm and courage, take long chances and play your cards wide open.

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