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Sample Text from a Opportunities Career Report:

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of a Opportunities report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Stephanie Clement. The printed reports are nicely formatted and output on 8 1/2" x 11" paper on a laser printer, and are sent in an attractive, heavy-stock "Profile" cover. Here are some excerpts:

This report describes your vocational aptitudes from the astrological perspective so that they can be matched in the career marketplace. While the jobs themselves are ever-changing, personality is a solid base to work from. Self-understanding can supply the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clues to your best line of work. Then you can determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to the career field you find most attractive.

Characteristics of Your Best Career Path
You are original and inventive and your career should draw on these qualities. Whatever career you pursue, and you could go into just about any field, it is the new, the unusual angle that catches your interest.

Astrology or other occult subjects may interest you, and you have the natural intuition to do well in these careers. You appreciate the cycles of all life and learn the basics quickly. You have an internal working relationship between the thinking and feeling processes...

Skills and Talents - [Where You have the Best Advantage (most dignified planet)]

You have the advantage in career, as well as other areas of your life, when you are able to express the following abilities: innovativeness, independence, originality, a sense of adventure, intuition, and a scientific approach to tasks. You can see potential equilibrium in the midst of work turmoil. The ability to bring thinking and intuition together makes you a powerful manager of your own time and of others...

Individual Strengths Being Developed at This Time
As you travel life's path, the balance of your attention changes. These shifts allow you to experience the world in different ways for a period of time, and thereby to develop new skills. The periodic shifts provide what you need to gain perspective if you are to take advantage of learning opportunities as they are presented. These shifts may call for career changes as well.

At this time you have the potential to grow through patient considerations of how factors in the environment are likely to evolve. By considering the practical outcome, you give yourself another way to evaluate problems and deal with them. Your thought processes are stimulated. You are able to learn to apply logic to whatever situation you encounter, and you take a somewhat businesslike attitude to everything in your life...

The Substance of Your Ideal Career
The focus is on your melancholy or emotional struggle. You fret over your work, much as you fret over other areas of your life. Your best work is done in a serious environment, and you may not participate in the office pranks or silliness. While you are off in your laboratory working away, you are also working with your emotions in the back of your mind. Avoid job situations where your feelings are put on display.

You have the ability to concentrate on your research abilities and emotional endurance to see you through the long haul. Keep this in mind in every area of endeavor, not just vocation. You learn from deep research and metaphysical experiences...

Your Career Success
You are a born planner. You can seemingly see into the future and figure out just the right direction to take. At the same time you want to be held up as a shining example for your peers, so being stuck in an office alone is not good. Expect a mix of conservative attitudes with spiritual leanings.

Career fields suited to your sense of yourself include writers, ad writers, advertising agents, airline employees, radio and television announcers, attorneys, booksellers, book publishers, and broadcasting technicians. In addition you may wish to consider churchmen, clergymen, theologians, counselors. A third group of possibilities include flight engineers, pilots, missile engineers and explorers. Finally, hunters, jockeys, judges, lecturers, military officers, navy men, professors, publicity directors, travel agents and traveling salesmen...

The Best Work Environment for You
The best work environments for you include residences, hotels, boats, beaches, docks, sheltered places, wells, fountains, ditches, canals, hydrants, kitchens, cellars, laundries, plumbing lines, north walls or rooms.

Geographic locations which may be suited to your work include Africa, Amsterdam, Southern California, Central Canada, China, Holland, Idaho, New Hampshire, New York, New Zealand, Paraguay, Pittsburgh, or Wyoming...

Financial Considerations and Self Esteem
Of the three vocational considerations, money is usually the most personal and private. Yet at the end of your life, all you have to take with you is your self worth. All the money, all the material possessions, all the opinions of other people will make no difference at all. What you think of yourself is all you will have. Thus other considerations such as moral growth, personal debts other than those involving money, and self esteem are tremendously important human issues. The question this chapter revolves around is this: How do you maximize your potential, fulfill your higher mission, satisfy your daimon, obtain the money you need to live, enjoy your life, enhance your moral growth, all within the confines of the natural talents you possess, in such a way that at the end of your life, you are satisfied - personally satisfied - that you did well?...

Career or Mission?
Mercury reflects your role as mediator. Mediation occurs not only in conflict resolution between or among people; it is an internal psychic function as well. With Mercury in Taurus in the heliocentric chart, your principal path of approach to paradoxical problems of all kinds is through the desire to express through personality. This expression of the bull can become stubbornness, or it can exemplify purposeful progress. The co-existence of physical form and spiritual will illuminate our individual desires as well as the powerful idealism of the larger sphere of life. "The secret of Taurus ... is revealed in the blinding energy of light (through) the sudden removal ... of world glamour ..."  

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