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Relating Potential:

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Relating Potential

Sample Text from an Relating Potential Report:

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters from John Townley's Relating Potential Report, created from Oprah Winfrey's birth data. Here are some excerpts:

Chapter I. Your General Nature

Your appearance of inner breadth and scope is exciting, though some may feel insecure that they can't match your energies or enthusiasm. Make special effort to include others and give them room to contribute the special things they have to add to you.[Ascendant in Sagittarius]

Key Quality

Your inner inclination to give everyone their due and the benefit of the doubt may make your affections appear too spread out or uncommitted to some, when in fact the opposite is the case. You are intensely loyal, just not blindly exclusive.[Sun in Aquarius

Key Activity

You place a high value on the substance of things and your efforts in dealing with others will be on the most moral of levels, not necessarily traditional morals, but strong inner standards which you and others must live up to in order to be close.[Sun in Second House

Lack of confidence in personal relationships is your greatest stumbling block, fueled by a shortage of inner self-esteem. Both who you are and what you do are better than you think, so try listening to others' critiques instead of your own jeremiads.[Sun Square Saturn Orb: 0003']

You project a very warm, heartfelt quality because you are usually consistent in your inner direction and your personality style compliments your aims and desires. An open hand goes with an open heart, but keep a guard in reserve for insurance.[Sun Conjunct Venus Orb: 0008']

You have a good innate sense of judgment and timing in how and with whom you express your feelings. By being in touch with yourself you can also help stabilize others and be a welcome shoulder to lean on, an advisor by example as well as word.[Moon Sextile Sun Orb: 0428']

You have a nice easy, broad sense of personal pacing that allows you to cover a lot of ground without appearing to, with large, relaxed sweeps. You will be able to gently open up more introverted types and broaden their world, open their hearts.[Sun Trine Jupiter Orb: 0740']

Chapter II. Inner Responsiveness

Key Quality

Your first response to a situation is a good word and a laugh, even when things are dire, so you will be a source of cheer and stress relief to others. You treasure the ability to change your feelings as the situation dictates and avoid emotional stasis.[Moon in Sagittarius]

Key Activity
You have a flair for making friends in the right places, as your response to situations always shows class (in the truest sense of the word). Don't let this get you in over your head in situations where you would rather back off & quietly be yourself.[Moon in Eleventh House]

Chapter Highlights

You have an easy style of reception and desire, knowing just how much you want in a relationship and just how much you can get, the two usually being rather closely matched. The ease of friendship is more familiar than the pain of unrequited desire. [Moon Sextile Venus Orb: 0420']

You have a good innate sense of judgment and timing in how and with whom you express your feelings. By being in touch with yourself you can also help stabilize others and be a welcome shoulder to lean on, an advisor by example as well as word. [Moon Sextile Sun Orb: 0428']

Chapter III. Mentality

Key Quality
Your mind is likely to grasp all sides of a relationship, including some that aren't there, at least not yet. You may thus seem to your partner to be treating him/her in a slightly unreal manner. Concentrate on what's going on now, with an eye ahead.[Mercury in Aquarius]

Key Activity
You can do a lot for a partner by using your intellect to ground his or her ideas so they bear greater fruition. You have the talent to make ideas tangible, though flightier types might think you a stick-in-the-mud for it. Go ahead and reap the rewards![Mercury in Second House]

Chapter Highlights

To the extent that you speak well of yourself, others will, too. You have a gift for self-promotion that is fairly effortless so you probably do best when you don't think about it too hard. A few words in the right places work for you doubletime.[Mercury Trine Midheaven Orb: 0144']]

A native understanding of how to structure your major life direction and those of others gives you a directorial slot in a relationship but won't necessarily make you boss, but rather the navigator instead. You know what lies ahead and can shape it.
[Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb: 0230']

It may often be hard to put your thoughts into action, particularly when impatience gets in the way and tangles things up. Good advice from another may grease the wheels if you are willing to take it, but mind your temper and watch your words.
[Mercury Square Mars Orb: 0425']

The urge to express yourself strongly may be hard to overcome at times, but put a cork on it in the absence of a close, understanding partner. What you just know to be right could be dead wrong, so don't expose your flank to your enemies or rivals.
[Mercury Opposite Pluto Orb: 0500']

You have a far-ranging imagination, but one that does not leave reality behind, so you can be a wealth of practical fantasy for your partner. Spiritual feelings can be well-expressed as well as felt within, making them doubly rewarding and sharable.
[Mercury Trine Neptune Orb: 0654']

Other Chapters Included in the report are:

Chapter IV: Inner Needs - Desires - Sexuality
Chapter V: Energy - Drive - Activity
Chapter VI: Expansiveness - Growth - Success
Chapter VII: Seriousness - Concentration - Limitations
Chapter VIII: Originality - Spontaneity - Independence
Chapter IX. Imagination - Ideals - Spirituality
Chapter X. Compulsiveness - Fate - Mission


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