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SkyLog Report:

In SkyLog
Steven Forrest has done
for transits, what
The Sky Within
did for natal reports

SkyLog Transit/Progression Report

Sample Text from a SkyLog Report:

Below is an excerpt from a SkyLog report for President Clinton. This paragraph is from "The Invitation" portion of the report and deals with transiting Pluto square President Clinton's natal Sun. The actual laser-printed report is nicely formatted, with headings, title page, etc.:

"The planet Pluto is shading the spirit of your life nowadays, and in a nutshell that means that you are being challenged to heal. Pluto, as you probably know, is the Greek lord of the underworld ... or to put it more succinctly, the God of Hell. And it is disquieting, to say the least, to imagine that this deity is currently dining at your table. But take heart! The "hell" inside you needs airing out, and that is essentially what this transit is about. You've been hurt. You've been used, abused, rejected, exploited, lied to.... the whole sad litany. And, like the rest of us, you've sometimes had to keep the proverbial stiff upper lip and simply get on with your life. But where does all that hurt go? Down deep into the unconscious mind, where it stays until you're clear enough and strong enough to handle resurrecting it and really going beyond it. Pluto's action is to bring up buried emotions. Its tone is intense. It often feels moody and confrontative. It can destabilize and disrupt the areas of your life that it's touching. The best course is to resolve to go deeper and deeper, truth above kindness and resolution over comfort. It's not easy, but in the end the energizing and empowering of the psyche make the process worthwhile. What is Pluto actually doing? Currently it squares your natal Sun. Although Pluto is a slow-moving planet and usually unfolds its story over a period of two or three years, during the period of this report the action peaks sometime after the report period. Let's first understand that the action is in the Second House..."

and here's some text from "The Means" section of the report. This section enhances the concepts developed in "The Invitation." This passage also deals with a Pluto aspect, this time with regard to Jupiter:

"The planet Jupiter is currently coloring your circumstances. Before we say exactly how, let's attempt to understand the more general significance of any Jupiter event. Essentially, this is a call to recognize an opportunity. Traditional astrologers view it more starkly -- to them, it is simply the planet of luck. And that is often the case: the toast does tend to land butter-side up when Jupiter is crossing sensitive territories. But the real, evolutionary meaning lies deeper. One key is that Jupiter is is concerned with bright, unexplored possibilities. Stripped to its bones, Jupiter always asks one primary question: how have you been underestimating yourself? Its transits signal a time when new opportunities come into existence, but to seize them you must recognize that you deserve them, that you are capable of rising to them, and that old deals and compromises are finished. Trust yourself, have faith in life and go for it: that's the spirit of Jupiter. How is it affecting you? Jupiter sextiles your natal Pluto: March 14, 1993..."

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