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Just for Women Report

Sample Text from a Just for Women Report:

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of a Just for Women report, created from Marilyn Monroe's birth data. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Gloria Star. Here are some excerpts:

The astrological signs are defined by one of four elements: fire, earth, air or water. The fire and air elements have a yang (masculine polarity) quality, and tend to be more outgoing and assertive in their nature, whereas the earth and water elements have a yin (feminine polarity) quality, and are more receptive by nature. The elemental balance in your chart is determined by the amount of energy within each elemental sign. The factors added together to find this balance of energy include the Sun, Moon, planets and the angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven ...

Projection of Your Real Self
Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being. With your Sun in Gemini your inquisitive manner and quick wit may be your trademarks. You need variety, and whether in relationships, career opportunities or creative endeavors will prefer to create a life which gives you plenty of options. You may radiate an air of intelligence, and most enjoy people and situations which stimulate your mind. The old truth, "you are what you think," is especially clear to you, and you have the ability to shift your consciousness and create a whole new realm of life experience by first altering your mental focus...

Part One: The Lead Roles

Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self
The primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus, but Neptune and Pluto are also significant in your experience and expression of this part of your psyche. The Moon is the energy which filters through your subconscious self, and tells the story of your connection to the part of you which provides nurturing, support, care and comfort. The person who projects the model for your Moon energy is your mother, and you see her through the lens of your own emotional matrix, signified by the Moon. As you mature, you learn to send this energy into the world, but to be truly effective, you must first own this energy and know how to use it to care for yourself!

Through the energy of your Aquarius Moon, you have your own unique style of expressing your femininity. You can be outspoken, and may express attitudes which go against the grain of conservative thinking. You've never liked the thought of being saddled with traditional roles, and even if you have children, you're not likely to take on the job of mother in a conventional manner. As a revolutionary type of woman, you might prefer to be considered for who you are as a person. Your feminine self is not necessarily crippled by this attitude, but you may have a little trouble expressing your tender emotions or giving in to your feelings, even when they are overwhelming. What you dislike most about emotionality is the fact that emotions do not make sense. Well, it's the truth, but not everything in life is logical, Ms. Spock. You feel the way you feel, and expressing those feelings does not diminish you or your power. In fact, it is through that very expression that you may become fully authenticated! Your unpredictability is rivaled only by your need for personal space, and you may be uncomfortable in relationships which have a lot of requirements. Unconditional love and acceptance are your watchwords, but you may not always find this, even from yourself, once you cross the threshold of intimacy. If you feel you've gotten in over you head, your attempt to stabilize yourself may be a bit radical, and your lover or partner may experience your withdrawal as aloofness or coldness. Unless you want to underscore this impression, you must clarify that you simply need a little time and space to get clear about your feelings. Then, be honest with yourself about what precipitated your bolting through the door. That fear of losing your independence and autonomy may have grabbed you by the throat. But you may also simply need a change. Trust your intuitive sensibilities to guide you. Be honest about the way you feel and give up on the idea that you will always understand your emotions. They simply are. And they are an important part of you...

Part Two: The Supporting Cast

Mercury in Virgo
Virgo + Mercury = Pragmatic (Virgo) Perception (Mercury). With your conscious mind (Mercury) occupying the sign Virgo, an emphasis on being very aware of details is indicated. The two of you prosper in a well-organized life style. You appreciate getting exact answers to each other's questions. You look for the logic in one another's thinking. Take turns listening to your partner's concerns and ideas as it brings you closer in spirit.

Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

Through the process of becoming at home with your ego, you gain a true sense of personal strength and power. To own this power, you must learn to acknowledge that it is okay to be recognized for who and what you are. Your Sun energy is the primary factor in the expression of ego needs. As a young girl, you may have seen your father through the filter of your Sun. His power of getting out into the world, and the manner by which he did it, have shaped your own sense of personal identity. And today, the Sun in your chart may symbolize significant men. But this energy is, in itself, the core of your spirit.

Your expression of your masculine sensibilities through your Gemini Sun is filtered through your intellect. Your admiration for others who are knowledgeable and communicative is a direct result of your own desire to know as much as possible. If your early impulse was to think that a man had more knowledgeable authority than a woman, that has probably changed radically as you have matured. In fact, you may even challenge that assumption through your choices in career. However, you may not think in terms of man versus woman: you're more into dealing with people for who they are, and may assume that others will also take that stance. You may even have a knack for communicating quite effectively with both men and women, and may make strides in bridging the gender gap. You can waffle a bit in situations which require you to take control, and may sit on the fence a bit too long some of the time, it just takes a little objectivity to get this under control, especially in new circumstances. But once you know how things work, you can be the maven of juggling your priorities...

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